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New in features DeskProto Version 3.0

New options that have been added in DeskProto V 3.0

(released in 2002 - now obsolete)

(Jan 2002) For more than a year we have been working very hard on the next version of DeskProto:
Version 3.0. This new version contains some important improvements over V 2, and makes sure that DeskProto remains the best solution ever in 3D CAM software for Rapid Prototyping purposes.
Prices for Version 2 and 3 are the same; DeskProto Version 2 is no longer being sold.

Ring toolpaths
Machining a statue
A great new feature is the Rotation axis support, which is unique for CAM software on this price-level

Exciting new features

  • Support for a Rotation axis (A-axis), making it possible to machine a model from all sides in one operation. Also in the Gallery see the projects Silver Ring and Venus de Milo.
  • We are also very proud of the Reduced Feedrate at High Chip-Loads: an option to automatically reduce the feedrate when the tool has to make a full-width cut (so when the toolpath is lower than the previous one).
  • A Basic Milling Wizard, that will guide novice users through the complete process of creating an NC program file using their CAD data.
  • The new Two-Sided Milling Wizard: a revolutionary new wizard option that makes it very very simple to machine a model from two sides, without having to change the workpiece zero point after turning the model upside-down for the second side. See the illustration below, and the project Docking Station in the Gallery.
  • Segment boundaries can now be set graphically (by mouse control).
  • Support blocks (needed for two-sided milling) can be added and edited.
  • Multiple-diameter tools are now supported (thin flute, thick shaft).
  • A collet-nut collision check is possible, preventing your toolchuck to damage the model in case of a high vertical surface.
  • An option has been added to skip the ambient area, for more efficient machining.
  • Very useful as well is the new Machining Time Estimation.
  • Any NC control software now can be started immediately from DeskProto, making the total process integrated in one application.
  • Multiple language support. Currently a German version available via our German dealer Filou GmbH. We hope that more translations will follow soon.
  • And many more smaller improvements and bugfixes.

Machining a cellphone cover
Also unique is the new Two-Sided Milling Wizard. A thin-walled model of this cellphone cover (modelled in Rhino by McNeel) is created by machining from two sides. The Wizard makes it possible to do so without changing the tool's zero point after turning the block upside-down


Of course an option to upgrade at a special price is offered to all registered users: an offer has been sent by email. For ordering upgrades see the DeskProto Order Form. [now obsolete, instead use the Webshop]. All users that have bought DeskProto V2 on or after July 1st, 2001 will receive a free upgrade to Version 3.0 !

DeskProto Lite

This new version is not all: we also have released a version called DeskProto Lite [now obsolete, instead see DeskProto Entry], at a much lower price-level, aimed at home-users. DeskProto Lite will basically be the same as DeskProto Full, only part of the Parameter tab pages will not be present (part parameters and operation parameters).