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Where to find 3D scanners and scan software

Manufacturers of 3D scanners and 3D scanning software

We supply these links to assist all (potential) DeskProto users in selecting their optimal system configuration. Next to that we trust that these links on CNC milling will prove to be a useful source of information for many others as well. For each listing we absolutely do not pretend any completeness: many more suppliers of valuable products do exist. So do not feel offended not to be listed: please feel free to email any updates, suggestions and/or remarks to
Disclaimer: we are not responsible in case any information is invalid, missing or otherwise false.

3D Scanners and Reverse Engineering software

An interesting possibility to obtain 3D geometry data for DeskProto is scanning an existing object. Many laser scanning systems are now available, some (lowcost) systems based on plain photo prints as well. DeskProto does combine very well with this type of geometry: a scanner does produce point cloud data (a bunch of measured points) that in most cases can be saved as polygon data (points converted to triangles), for instance in an STL file. DeskProto can directly machine based on this polygon data (very large files), without first having to reconstruct NURBS surfaces (which is a complex task). For DeskProto the STL file even does not need to describe a perfectly closed solid geometry.