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Download manuals for the DeskProto software

Scroll down to see which translated manuals and which older versions are available.

V7.1 Tutorial

image of the Tutorial's cover page
150 pages, including:
  • Installation (Windows, Linux and MacOS)
  • Files and Folders (Windows, Linux and MacOS)
  • Quick Start
  • Nine lessons, with many illustrations:
    1. Beer tray (basic vector)
    2. Picture Frame (basic geometry)
    3. XYZ logo (basic bitmap)
    4. Bottle (geometry: two halves)
    5. Venus (geometry: rotary axis)
    6. Cell phone (geometry: two-sided)
    7. DP bottle (vector: advanced)
    8. Lithophane (bitmap: advanced)
    9. Dice (five-axis machining).
Flag Britain - Download the V7.1 Tutorial (PDF/ 5 Mb)

Lesson 5 and 6 of the Tutorial each use a sample geometry file that is not included in the downloaded DeskProto Setup or DMG-file. You can download these files on the Free models page.

V7.1 Reference manual

image of the leaflet
383 pages, including:
  • Introduction
  • Screen Layout
  • Menu commands
  • Dialogs
  • Concepts
Flag Britain - Download the V7.1 Reference manual (PDF/ 7 Mb)

The contents of the Reference manual are almost equal to the DeskProto Help-file.

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Some older versions of these manuals have been translated, only for a few languages:

Flag France - This French version of the Tutorial book is for the old DeskProto Version 6.0
Telechargement du V6.0 Didacticiel (PDF/ 3.7 Mb)

Flag Germany - Both the Tutorial and the Reference manual (V6.1) have been translated to German, and can be obtained via the German DeskProto distributor.

Flag Italy - This Italian version of the Tutorial book is for DeskProto Version 7.0
Download the Tutorial book in Italian (PDF/ 2.6 Mb)

Flag Russia - Both the Tutorial and the Reference manual (V6.1) have been translated to Russian, by technology teacher Alexander Bashkatov from Moldova, and he kindly permitted to make these available as free downloads.
Download the Tutorial book in Russian (PDF/ 10.7 Mb)
Download the Reference manual in Russian (PDF/ 13 Mb)

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Manuals for older DeskProto versions

These are the English versions of the two manuals.

Version 7.0

- Download the V7.0 Tutorial (PDF/ 5 Mb)
- Download the V7.0 Reference manual (PDF/ 8 Mb)

Version 6.1

- Download the V6.1 Tutorial (PDF/ 3.8 Mb)
- Download the V6.1 Reference manual (PDF/ 4.4 Mb)

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PDF Reader

Download the 'Acrobat Reader' to read the manuals.

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